Bend Desk

For most people from many different disciplines a desk is the main workspace. A typical desk is composed of at least
one or more vertical displays that show digital content and a larger horizontal area, containing input devices, such as
mouse and keyboard, paper-based documents, and everyday objects. These two areas are clearly separated which makes it hard to move documents from one surface to the other. Furthermore, each area employs a different interaction technique. For example, we use the mouse for drawing on vertical displays but physical pens to annotate paper-based documents. BendDesk is our vision of a future workspace that allows continuous interaction between both areas.
BendDesk is a multi-touch desk environment that seamlessly combines a vertical and a horizontal surface with a curve
into one large interactive workspace. This workspace can be used to display any digital content like documents, photos, or videos. Multi-touch technology allows the user to interact with the entire surface using direct manipulation and multitouch gestures. We took special care for ergonomics. Users can comfortably sit at the desk and place everyday objects on it.

Bend Desk 2                   The desk

User Using the Desk

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