Wood Skin

Wood-Skin Srls

Woodskin originated from a submission the studio made to open source design competition, Autoprogettazione
2.0. Inspired by the potential they saw in the material, team-members Giulio Masotti and Gianluca Lo Presti
incorporated the material into the design of a rock-climbing gym in Montreal, which they were working on.
However, while the material was there in concept, the exact manufacturing technique had still to be worked
out. To do this, the two moved to Montreal and lived near the site of the gym, so they could experiment with
different materials and compounds to perfect the design. The result is a sheet of Russian plywood, routed into
a series of a series of triangular tiles, held together by a vinyl mesh. The wood is a union of plywood and
textile and is composed of 3 materials: Plywood, Nylon mesh, polyester Resin. It allows the designer to realize
unconventional structures in wood which were previously impossible with traditional building techniques.


Original sources:

http://www.archdaily.com/362951/woodskin-the-fl exible-timber-skin/