Thermal Bimetal

University of Southern California, Architecture Department
Doris Kim

Doris Kim, an architect with a history of biology have created a material called the Thermo-Bimetal. The issue that she had in recent years was the heat around us. As technology has been bringing new ways to cool down the interior of a building, it was producing more heat to the outside world. Also eating up chunks of electricity, heat has been an issue for all. She wanted a new type of material that had reaction to heat without using electricity. She developed a new material called the Thermo Bimetal which is a sheet metal which is laminated with two different types of alloy metals which reacts differently in different temperature. One side would expand more when heated to the temperature needed. The material that is combined could allow a lot of possibilities to architecture. She is currently on development on placing strips of Thermo Bimetal in between the double glazing and allowing it to expand when a lot of heat is exposed on the outside to make more shade on the inside. Another test she is currently working on is the flow of air. Placing the Thermo Bimetal on the outside of the façade which tubular shaped form would allow the curl of the metal when heated and allow air to flow in. When the temperature drops, the material goes back to its formal state which closes up the holes on the façade keeping the air flow.

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