Cybernetic Immortality

The Avatar project, which is part of an Initiative with the objective to enable humans to extend their lives through technology, aims at creating a synthetic humanoid body by the year 2045. In a four-step program starting 2015 and ending 2045, the scientists involved in the initiative will at first develop a robotic copy of the human body that can be operated by remote control and then, in a second step, generate an Avatar into which a human brain can be transplanted. The basis for such experiments was laid by the Soviet scientist Vladimir Demikhov, the founder of organ transplantation surgery, when he was conducting experiments on the transplantation of a second head to a dog. At this intermediate stage, avatar technologies can be used by people with physical, sensory or other functional limitations and disabilities. By the year 2030, the main goal will be to create an Avatar with an artificial brain in which not the physical brain, but the personality of a human being can be implanted. The final step of the program envisages a hologram-like Avatar with capacities that exceed those of human bodies. When the technologies of individual consciousness transfer to a non-biological carrier are fully developed, people will really be able to get rid of all the limitations of the physical body, become virtually immortal, and human civilization will finally be able to explore the Universe. Due to fact that the development of technology in the modern world is happening exponentially, the scientists working for the 2045 initiative are convinced that by the mid-2040‘s all the organs of the human body could be replaced by artificial ones, whose characteristics will be superior to their biological counterparts by all measures. According to the members of the initiative, the creation of avatars will change everything in our societies: politics, economics, medicine, health-care, food industry, construction methods, transportation, trade, banking, etc. The whole architecture of society will be transformed and there will be an increase in its self-organization.


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