Solar Glass

Oxford University
Oxford PV

Oxford Photovoltaic solid state DSC has been in research of ways to bring new ways of PVs to the market. When applying solar energy to the building we normally think of attaching solar photovoltaic’s on the roof or south side wall to gain maximum energy from the sun. Also, another method was to place BIPVs on glass which had a loss of transparency to the glass as well as the cost. Kevin Arthur, the company’s founder and CEO of Oxford PV mentioned “What we say here is rather than attach [solar] photovoltaics to the building, why not make the building the photovoltaics? If you decide to build a building out of glass, then you’ve already decided to pay for the glass”
The additional cost would be 10% of the cost of the façade. The technology works by adding a layer of transparent solid-state solar cells at most three microns thick to conventional glass, in order to turn around 12% of the solar energy received into low-carbon electricity. The power can then be exported to the national grid or used for the running of a building. The company is looking to build a much larger manufacturing facility next year, with full size panels available for sampling and trials at the end of 2014. A4-sized samples will be ready by the end of 2013.

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Original sources: (01/10/2011)