Digital Integrated Building Sytems

The concept of digital integrated building systems can be used to connect intelligent services within a building. This could help us run buildings much more efficiently because it can be controlled remotely and programmed at a higher level of complexity. For example, the home could shut off the lights when you leave or preheat a home before you arrive. In some proposals, regular building materials can be turned into control panels. What if the mirror in your bathroom told you the weather for the day and your daily agenda like in the movie, The sixth Day? One particular company working towards developing an integrated system is North Building Technologies. Their product called the Data Centre Management (DCM) controls and monitors electricity usage, mechanical systems efficiency, door access, fire-detection and more. One particularly intriguing aspect of this research is the integration of control panels. For example, the kitchen counter or table could be a computer-ike screen where you can access recipes and instructional videos online. This could eliminate the use of mobile devices and allow people to use their homes for everything. Adapting screens to conventional building materials is becoming easier with evolving flexible display screens.

Original sources: (8/28/2013) (8/28/2013)


dcm 250px-Flexible_display