Gestural Control

MYO-armbandThe MYO armband reads electromyography signals from your forearm and uses it to control your computer via Bluetooth connection. It’s gesture control relies on a user’s hand and arm gestures to control their computer, such as scrolling through a webpage or shooting an enemy in a video game. The difference is in how the action is executed. The MYO senses gestures and movements in two ways: 1) muscle activity, and 2) motion sensing. Peripheral nerves transmit electrical impulses and can be simplistically thought of as extremely efficient conductive wires. Thus, the MYO wrist band applies brief electrical impulses to a peripheral nerve through the skin, the nerve then transmits the impulse and a response is recorded by electrodes at some distance away. When sensing the muscle movements of the user, the device can detect changes in hand gesture right down to each individual finger. When tracking the positioning in space of the arm and hand, the device can detect subtle movements all directions. If the wristband is sensitive enough to pick up on muscle activity and accurately distinguish between different movements, it‘ll definitely be an interesting new entry to the gesture-control field.
MYO is a gesture-based control device that connects the real and the digital world. – See more at: http://doktorspinn.
MYO is a gesture controlled armband that uses your forearm as the controller.
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