Leap Motion

Leap Motion is a sensor currently on the market that allows you to use your hands to control a computer. It allows the user to interact with their computer in an intuitive way similar to how our hands work in real life. The device is plugged in via USB port and placed face up in front of the computer screen. With a special accuracy of about 0.01 mm, three cameras and two infrared LEDs create a hemispherical area that tracks your motion up to three feet away. The device will soon incorporate a virtual keyboard that will allow users to type text without a keyboard. Currently the technology requires a cord but future development aims to be wireless. While this is an early product of this technology, it has glitches and flaws that need to be worked out. Another company exploring the applications for this technology is SpaceX. They have used this device to integrate it into their three-dimensional rocket modeling software. It allows a user to zoom, move, and spin around a complex model. Just using hand gestures, leaders of SpaceX hope that this technology will allow engineers to achieve more in a shorter period of time. With traditional use of modeling software, it can be time consuming and limiting to try and figure out how to make the computer translate your three-dimensional idea. Using motion sensing, is much more like physically building or manipulating a rocket engine. Exploring other methods of viewing the model, SpaceX used three-D glasses to view a projection and also used virtual reality head gear to accurately simulate being able to touch the object. This technique has the potential to revolutionize design and manufacturing.

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