Self-sufficient Washing Machine

With natural resources becoming threatened by global demand and the need of petroleum in many of today’s product including laundry soap, designer Ellie Ahovi may have found a solution. The Orbit is a self-containing selfsustaining washing machine of the future. It uses no water, no electricity, and requires no laundry soap. Ahovi has used several scientific discoveries to make this possible. Here is how. Using liquid nitrogen to super cool the ball, the ball becomes superconductive which causes it to levitate within the magnetic field created by the outer ring. The outer ring contains batteries which create the field and which also could be charged while in use using the same field. This is how Orbit uses no electricity. Once you have placed your clothing into the ball and the ball within the ring, you would then start the process. The ball begins to levitate and rotate. Contained within the ball is CO2, or more commonly dry ice. Dry ice is unique in that it turns from a solid to a gas quickly causing microscopic shock waves which leaves no chemical residue. This process has been used much like sand blasting to clean many things. Orbit uses this advantage to eliminate the need for water and detergents. Being self contained, the CO2 this then collected and turned back into dry ice to be used again. Any particles or debris is then drawn through an air filter for removal. Orbit has the potential to greatly reduce water consumption and need for petroleum based detergents.

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