Underground Bicycle Storage

Many major cities all over the world are finding one issue quickly become a problem. That problem is the problem of space, in this case the lack of it. EcoCycle by Giken, is the solution to the issue of space for those who bicycle for transportation. EcoCycle is a bicycle storage system buried underground to save space on the surface. This system has several benefits over standard bicycle racks or other storage types common today. One such benefit is security of your bicycle. EcoCycle requires users to place a ID chip on the bikes which allows the system to know a bike is entering the system and where it will be located within the system for release later. Once the bicycle is stored, users are given a ticket which will be used to claim the bicycle later. Users are then free to go about there day knowing that their bicycle is safe underground. This storage system is climate controlled, robotically controlled, and completely automated storage housing. Benefits of this is no theft, no rain, no need to find a bike rack, and no need for a lock. Upon users return, they insert their ticket and EcoCycle automatically retrieves it. The ease and security which EcoCycle provides has the potential to change the way many people travel in our major cities. Having a completely secure and cheaper alternative than public transportation or vehicle garages, would encourage those able to bike to their destinations. Just having the increase of bicycle storage would increase the number of bicycle riders. Depending on location and the demand for the space, EcoCycle may or may not require an account to use. However a fee is required for all who wish to use the bicycle storage.

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