Taxi of Tomorrow

US roads alone each year – six million accidents that cost consumers $160 million and kill more people between the ages of four and 34 than anything else. Nissan believes that self-driving cars will eventually be collision-free-cars. “The Autonomous Drive technology will be an advanced vehicle system grown from Nissan’s evolving Safety Shield, a 360-degree, around-vehicle monitoring system that uses a variety of sensors to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings for hazards, warn the driver and react when necessary. In its fully autonomous iteration, the Safety Shield system will be able to recognize and react to all types of driving scenarios and hazards. Autonomous side distance control works to recognize obstacles on the side and steer to avoid collision. The current iteration of Autonomous Drive uses the Around-View Monitoring system and laser scanners to analyze the environment, while artificial intelligence systems have been installed to help navigate and operate in a changing environment. Most remarkable about all of this is Nissan’s claim that self-driving cars will be both commercially viable and available at realistic prices for consumers. “It’s expecting Autonomous Drive to be available across its range within two vehicle generations. It says that the first batch of autonomous vehicles will be ready for market by 2020, and instead of just launching a single self-driving model, it plans to add the technology to several. A test driver going hands-free in the Autonomous Drive Safety Shield concept monitors the vehicle’s surroundings.

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