Thermal Bimetal

Biology student turn architect, Doris Kim Sung has dedicated her studies to the infinite possibilities of thermobimetals, smart materials that respond dynamically to temperature change. As tested with DO|SU Studio Architecture’s recent installation “Bloom”, whose surface is completely fabricated with thermobimetal, these smart materials are capable of relieving our dependence on energy-inefficient mechanical systems with their self-shading and self-ventilating properties. Imagine a building skin capable of maintaining thermal comfort in an environmentally responsible and cost effective way by responsively mimicking the characteristics of human skin. This means less energy is required to heat and cool the building which will benefit every human being on earth economically and environmentally. Urban areas such as downtown Chicago is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities. Urban heat island effect in metropolitan areas like Chicago causes more energy usage. These thermobimetal sheets can shade and ventilate without the need of control and energy. This discovery can very well be a step forward towards net zero energy in architecture.

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