Nest Thermostat

nest thermostat

The nest thermostat is no ordinary thermostat. The concept behind this invention is that it learns your habits inside your home and adjusts the heating and cooling needs accordingly. Most thermostats have functions that allow people to schedule a certain temperature to a time of day, but many people either don’t know how or forget to use this function. The nest thermostat will schedule everything for you. The system will recognize when you are not at home and adjust the cooling and heating needs accordingly. The most innovative part of the nest thermostat is that it works in conjunction with many energy suppliers, such as Austin Energy. When the energy company is overloaded with energy usage during peak hours, they charge customers more because it becomes more difficult for them to produce energy at greater quantities during high demand. Nest has set a new feature to clue you in to when people around you are using more energy and consequently, raising the price for energy. When the energy costs are at a premium during the peak hours, Nest can recognize this and try to reduce the cooling and heating needs for you during these times while making up for it when the energy costs are not as high.

Yes, it is true that there are already programmable thermostats on the market. The Nest thermostat takes the guess work out of setting your thermostat. The integrated WIFI compatible system can track your energy usages and show monthly reports of how much you saved and what your current energy habits are. The system keeps track of your energy usage when you don’t have time to. With the fast paced world we live in, no one has time to constantly set different temperature settings on a thermostat, especially when one degree can mean 5% energy savings. The Nest thermostat takes the guess work out of energy usage and learns your habits to suit the environment to exactly your needs while also saving money.

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