One-Way Acoustic Isolator

acoustic isolator

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin declared that they have built the first ever one way acoustical device. The technological breakthrough is that one can hear something without being heard. The laws of physics testify against this practice because if a wave travels in one direction, then it must be able to travel in the opposite direction. However, this device found a way to strategically direct the sound waves to the intended listener.
The device works by re-routing the sound waves rather than dispersing them. The center of device has a cavity that houses three fans. The central cavity is connected to three ports. With proper tuning of the fans airflow, the sound waves from port 1 can be directed only to port 2. If someone in port 1 was trying to talk to someone in port 2, then they could do so without port 3 hearing it.
Rather than the simply application for privacy, this technology opens the doors for many purposes. The basic concept of an acoustic isolator could alleviate the need for massive sound barriers on highways and allow for less noise pollution in neighborhoods from businesses and bars.

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