Slimstyle LED Bulb

slimstyle LED Bulb

The LED light bulb technology is nothing new. The industry has already been flooded with various styles and shapes of LED light bulbs, but they just haven’t seemed to catch on. The public has many concerns for the bulb, mainly being the price. As of January 1st, 2014 the federal ban on production of incandescent light bulbs went into effect. Incandescent light bulbs are outdated technology that uses a great deal of energy when compared to CFL and LED bulbs.
The innovation behind that the slimstyle bulb is that it removes the heat sink from the standard LED bulbs. LED bulbs produce a great deal of heat during operation, which can drastically reduce the performance and longevity of the bulb. The horseshoe arranged LED diodes emit heat outward, across the surface of the bulb in an arc. With the heat dispersed away from the central cluster as typical LED bulbs, the heat sink was able to be removed. This heat sink removes a great deal of production cost for the bulbs. Typical LED bulbs can go for about $50 on the market while the removal of the heat sink allowed Philips to sell the Slimstyle for only $10.
Ten dollars may seem to be expensive for a light bulb. However, when the bulb can run for 22 years and use about $150 less energy than a typical light bulb, it may be worth it. The designers at Philips were conscious to not alter the light that is created from the bulb. Consumers light the soft, comfortable yellow glow that the incandescent produce, and Philips was able to recreate that in the Slimstyle.