Wristify Personal Thermal Comfort Device


Wristify is attempting to completely change the way we look at heating and cooling systems. Rather than heating or cooling an entire space like we do now, the wristify team is proposing to only heat or cool at the individual scale. Through the use of a wearable device, the company plans on improving thermal comfort of the user without the need for heating or cooling of a space. The device works to reduce the temperature at the users wrist to generate whole body comfort. The device uses a copper heatsink that uses thermoelectric cooling to cool the user. The current flow through the heatsink increases the fl ow across the conductors which makes the one side heat up while the other side cools down.
Like the heating and cooling of buildings, the device works in a cycle. The developers say that the cyclical cooling makes the user perceive whole-body cooling of a few degrees. The success of this design will mean that we can save a drastic amount of fossil fuels by decreasing heating and cooling needs. Rather than cooling an entire building, which typically is not even fully occupied, this device will only heat the individual. This device will be powered by a small lithium battery, making it more environmentally conscious than the mass amounts of fossil fuels currently uses for heating and cooling.