Eyelock Myris

Eyelock, Myris
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New York, New York

Security of private information and identitiy security are constantly under attack in the digital world. Private information is being stored throughout the internet and people are finding ways to steal hundreds of thousands dollars of valuable information. Password protection software has recently been surpassed by fingerprint reading technology to enhance the security of digital information, but still allows false access into accounts.
Eyelock is a company founded in 2006 and has, until now, worked primarily with fortune 500 companies in establishing an unprecedented level of security. Their devices replace code or key padded doors with eye reading technology, replace traditional means of clocking into a workplace by automatically knowing who shows up, and replace the need for ticket stubs to gain entry into a stadium. This year, Eyelock is able to tap into the consumer market, thanks to the speedy development encouraged by their partners.
Instead of opening doors and tracking attendance, the consumer-based product works to replace password protection on computers. Remembering or storing passwords somewhere is no longer necessary. Within one second, Myris identifies the individual and either grants access or does not. There is no second try, no way of guessing a way into someones private information.
The handheld device uses video based technology to find 240 points of uniqueness in an iris by taking 20 frames/second footage and converting it into a 2,000 bit stream. Using the information, it creates a template unique to that particular individual. Because only the template is stored and scrambled on the device itself, and no video footage is saved, the chances of a false entrance is 1 in 2.25 trillion, only surpassable by DNA checks.


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