Hydro-powered Jetovator
Hydro, powered, elevator, personal, watercraft

Jetovator is a company who put out their first hydro powered jetpack in 2013. It uses a 40 foot long hose which takes water from the source and redirects it to propel the user up to 25 feet into the air at speeds of about 25 miles per hour. Using three separate points of water exertion and two throttles, the Jetovator is highly maneuverable and allows for fun transit or recreational activity.

Similar to other water sports, the Jetovator requires a second personal watercraft to follow nearby, dispensing water into the hose that eventually works its way up to the water sports accessory.

This technology could be used for transportation along a water source, or bridge the gap between water and land if their is no other means of conveniently leaving the waters edge.


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