Rawlemon Spherical Solar Energy Generator

Rawlemon Spherical Solar Energy Generator
Solar Panel, Device Charger, Rawlemon, Transparent
Andre Broessel, Rawlemon
Barcelona, Spain

The earth‘s sun is responsible for generating energy over the entire planet, from exchanging carbon-dioxide to oxygen through photosynthesis, to regulating the water cycle, to maintaining human health. For over forty years, the use of photovoltaic panels has been under constant research and devlopment in an attempt to efficiently harness the suns energy in order to lessen the demand for creataing electrical energy through other means.
In more recent development, a tracking system has been developed to follow the suns path, but with the implementation of traditional PV panels. German architect Andre Broessel has combined motion technology with another development of his own, a spherical glass lens. The lens works to harness the suns energy with a higher efficiency by removing the majority of a photovoltaic panel and directing the sunlight onto a single PV cell.
This small scale version of a technology he has been developing for two years has a more mathematically defined geometry contribiting to 35% increased efficiency compared to PV panels found on the market today. Simultaneously, the mode of relaying the energy by means of glass results in a transparent, rather than opaque, object, allowing it to be able to be used on a variety of scales and introduces a new architectural technology to emerge in contemporary architecture.
From one day‘s exposure to the sun, the energy created here can power a handheld device up to 1.5 times and doubles as a sort of light bulb once the sun sets.

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