Sensory Fiction

Sensory Fiction
Book, feelings, emotions, changing, ambience
MIT, Felix Heibeck, Alexis Hope, Julie Legault

Research at MIT have developed a technology to enhance the emotional connection between an author of a book and their audience. First at a visual level, Sensory Fiction uses 150 LED‘s in order to enhance the ambient feel of the setting of the page being read. The body apparatus is the crucial emotional identifier at play, however. Each of the pages of the book are programmed for a particular emotion. As the reader flips each page, the aparatus changes for an unprecedented reading experience.

Using a peltier junction at the collar bone, a heating device will change the skin temperature of the reader, a vibration piece works to either increase or decrease heart rate, and pressurized airbags will inhibit compression and relaxation.

The protype uses a novel demonstrating a wide variety of settings and emotional levels that are experienced by the main character and carried over to the reader.


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