Velkess Flywheel

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New York, New York

Mass * Velocity^2
A flywheel battery works by storing kinetic energy in the form of a flywheel instead of a chemical reaction which creates a flow of electrons. In todays flywheels, electricity is required to begin the initial rotation of the flywheel. A generator then, takes the kinetic energy stored in the wheel and converts it back into more electricity than originally provided. The Velkess flywheel, or VEry Large Kinetic Energy Storage System, is innovative in that it removes the need for electricity to initially boot up the flywheel.

Regardless of the initial energy input, beit electricity, magnets, or manual rotation, a flywheel is able to capture quick bursts of energy efficiently by taking energy that would be otherwise lost and capturing to be able to use it elsewhere at another time.

It runs with 98% efficiency, as opposed to 92% for a chemical battery, does not require maintenance due to recharge/discharge cycles that a chemical battery cannot avoid, and takes up at least half of the weight and space than that of a chemical battery while remaining 7 times more reliable.

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