The Dash Personal Trainer


The Dash may be the first wearable technology device that is worth wearing. Typically, wearable technologies are becoming fashion statements rather than actually assisting the wearing in any helpful way. The Dash may not even be considered a wearable tech because it is in the shape of headphones, which people are already wearing. The Dash is an in-ear headphone that combines an MP3 player, microphone, bluetooth headset, usb stick, fitness tracker, heartrate monitor, and sportwatch.
The aim of the Dash creators was to create a device that will be discrete enough to where people do not feel discouraged to wear it. They also did not want to add an extra step to peoples daily lives. Music has become part of people’s daily lives; so much that sometimes they walk all around town with headphones in their ear. The headphones are offering only one purpose, which is to excite and stimulate your mind with music. But what if your body and mind was stimulated in another way by the headphones? The Dash allows users to use the technology they are already wearing when working out to improve their workout. Wearing The Dash allows the users to track their heart rate, cadence, oxygen saturation, and amount of every spent during the workout.
The most intriguing thing about The Dash is that is uses the technology that people are already using and improving it. When one goes to workout, they are already grabbing their phone and headphones to listen to music, but now they are able to listen to their body as well as the music. The joy of the music enters their mind while the body information can enter their mind as well as the digital realm to improve their workouts.