Hologram Text Messages

Hologram Text Messages
Virtual Reality
Hologram Image, Emotional Detection
University of Cambridge

Researchers have deleveloped Zoe, a ditigital talking head that displays emotion with unprecendented accuracy. This could be the future smartphone assistant, like suri that could read your text messages or audiobooks. For any given sentence that the avatar uses the researchers at Cambridge created a sliding scale of emotions that can be plugged in and represented facially in the resulting line read. In a perfect world you‘d be able to access this face, and this technology, on your smartphone, so that a lifelike avatar could read out any text on your screen with the correct corresponding emotion.

Eventually, too, the Cambridge researchers hope to integrate technology that would allow you to import a model of your own floating head, perhaps by uploading several photos. In that case, you could have a floating, talking head for each of your phone contacts, individually reading each of his or her text messages or emails to you, on the screen. Zoe has six basic emotions: happy, sad, tender, angry, afraid and neutral — that can be set at different levels. The pitch, speed and depth of the voice can also be adjusted to the user‘s preferences. The program that runs Zoe is only requires a few megabytes of storage, so it could easily run on a tablet or smartphone. The technology could also be used with deaf or autistic children to help them read lips and emotions.


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