Huggies Pregnancy Belt

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Huggies Pregnancy Belt
Pregnancy Belt for Men
Health/ Pregnancy/ Technology
June 11th, 2013
Huggies, Ogilvy & Mather Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

While their wives are sitting for ultrasounds and fetal monitorings, the dads will wear a special belt, developed by the diaper brand Huggies and agency Ogilvy & Mather Argentina, that replicates the fetal movement in real time. The belt was designed by doctors, engineers, and industrial designers. It’s darling to see the men tear up when they feel their babies kick.

Just in time for Father’s Day, Huggies and Ogilvy & Mather Argentina have made a belt for fathers-to-be that allows them to feel their unborn baby’s movements. The device was created as the focal point of a video greeting card released by the agency in celebration of Dad’s special day. One belt is worn by the expectant mom, and contains electronic sensors that detect the baby’s movements in the womb. The signals picked up by mom’s belt are then then wirelessly transmitted to the band strapped around dad’s belly. LED lights and small motor vibrators create visual patterns and short, strong impulses to let the father feel and see the baby move in almost-real time. It’s a new and different way for dads to experience the emotions of pregnancy. Huggies, heroically leveling the playing field, decided to offer a way to let pregnancy-hogging women share the joyful and magical part of the experience.


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