Swatchmate Color Capturing Cube

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Swatchmate Color Capturing Cube
Portable Color Detecting Device
Technology/Color/ Design
November, 2013
SwatchMate Pty. Ltd.
Melbourne, Australia

For artists and designers alike, the world around us continually provides color inspiration for our work, be it a unique hue featured on a piece of street art or a flower spotted in a community garden. It is no longer difficult to find a color that matches that worldly inspiration. Placing this portable device on the surface of any object, the Cube is able to detect its color with the accuracy of less than 1 delta-E. Users can then send that information to their smartphone or computer through Bluetooth technology.

The SwatchMate Color Capturing Cube is a Kickstarter for a small gadget that will not only let you capture the color of anything in the world around you, but will then share that color information with your smartphone, as well as Photoshop. And if the crowdfunding attempt hits a certain goal, the Cube will gain „light intensity sensor“, allowing you to use it as a light meter for photography. The Cube works by having a small sphere inside its body, with a small hole on one side. You place the object you want to sample up against the hole, and a light source inside the sphere illuminates the surface, and the light is then reflected inside the sphere, and measured by a color sensor. That gives it an advantage over tools like Adobe‘s Color Lava, which allows you to sample colors from photos that you take, in that the Cube would provide tightly controlled and accurate lighting to get he most precise color measurements possible. Once you‘ve picked a color, they can either be stored on your phone for later use, or beamed straight to Photoshop, using Bluetooth.


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