Tobii Eye Mobile

Tobii EyeMobile gives individuals complete hands free access to any Windows 8 Pro Tablets. Individuals with physical and communication impairments the ability to navigate , control and access apps, internet, e-books, social media, word documents, spreadsheets and more through the simple, natural and relaxed movement of the eye. This technology allows impaired individuals to enjoy a richer, social life which also adds increased independency. Conditions that would benefit from this breakthrough include spinal cord injury, ALS, autism, cereboral palsey, strokes, and many more.

The field of ophthalmology, which is the study of the anatomy, physiology and disease of the eye, commonly uses eye tracking to study oculomotor behavior, cognitive visual functions and vision deficiencies. The Tobii eye trackers can measure both the direction of the gaze as well as the position of the eyes in space with high precision and accuracy. This efficiently enables the calculation of head movements and true eye movements within the orbit of the eye.

The Tobii Eye tracker, an eye controlled AAC device (Augmentative and Alternative Communictaion), is easily installed into many laptops, desktops or Windows 8 tablets. The invention was the winner of the International CES Design and Engineering Award in 2014. The company Tobii started in Aug 2001 when the idea of eye tracking came from a research project at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Only a year after the three founders were able to sell their first Tobii Eye Tracker in 2002.