Interactive Technology, Projector

The TouchPico projector is an Android (v4.0) based 100-lumens pico projector that is also touch-enabled via a special stylus, through infrared info.The projector specs include Wi-Fi, an SD memory card slot and an HDMI input. This all in one portable gizmo can easily download apps from google play and project them on a wall, projector screen or any flat surface through infrared technology. These projected apps are completely interactive as if you were using and regular smart device. This enables many collaborative opportunities in both schools and offices and could change the face of projectors. The TouchPico offers pinpoint accuracy and functionality that you would expect in all of your smartphones and tablets. The TouchPico does come with a dedicated stylus, is limited to Android based apps and has a maximum projection display of 60“

Soon to hit kickstarter, TouchPico units will start shipping in June 2014, with the projector costing $500. TouchPico has also introduced a cheaper alternative, The Droid Box ($150) that is only the infrared dsensor technology that attaches to any projector and allow the same accuracy and percision promised with the TouchPico.