Convertible Stair Ramp

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Convertible Stair Ramp
ADA Wheelchair Ramp
Accessibility/ Handicap/ Stairs
May 2013
Chan Wen Jie


User-friendly Convertible construction is a staircase that can fit into the narrowest spaces. It looks like an additional staircase that can be installed over the existing one, however, with a simple mechanism it can be transformed into a ramp for the wheelchair.

Convertible is a conceptual user-friendly staircase which can be transformed into a ramp. It’s an ingenious idea to help elderly people or anyone who has walking difficulties to climb the stairs easily and conveniently, also for those who need to carry heavy items, they can use a cart or trolley without a problem. This staircase concept aims to minimize accidental falls and injuries. The concept has enormous implications in the world of physically challenged people. This concept can solve many troubles of independent movement making the lives of disabled people more comfortable. The staircase can be transformed into the ramp with a simple linkage mechanism that requires few efforts to operate. The concept has been designed for easy installation and maintenance.

It also reduces the amount of space that needs to be dedicated to either stairs or ramp, letting the same footprint serve both needs. In theory, a switch flips from ramp to step mode and back, allowing someone in a wheelchair to change it as needed.


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