ONDA Cycle

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ONDA Cycle
3 Wheeler
Tricycle/ Transportation
May 2013
Tyler Hadzicki & Joe Hadzicki
San Diego, CA


Three years ago, Joe Hadzicki of Revolution Enterprises and son Tyler (both from San Diego) started designing their perfect trike. Seven constantly-evolving designs and at least two prototypes later, and the ONDA Cycle is finally ready for launch. The ONDA team says that the creation of this dream machine started with a few basic requirements – a seat, pedals, handlebars, and wheels – and a blank sheet of paper.

The front wheel can be steered like a regular bike. The rear handle controls the back swivel wheels, allowing for precise steering, spins, and drifting. There is also a wheel lock feature which allows you to lock the rear wheels in a forward facing position so you don‘t have to worry about spinning out at high speeds.

Most of the weight is centered on the two rear wheels, basically eliminating most of the strain on the angular joints. The main force on the front of the cycle is a coupled force between the handle bars and the pedals, hence the heavy duty motorcycle style steering tube design. Out front, there‘s a 3:1 gearing ratio and freewheel hub that‘s said to offer a top speed of about 20 mph, depending on the rider. A coaster brake can be brought into play by pedaling backwards. Releasing the wheel lock on the left gives the rider control of both back swivel wheels using the handle to the right. ONDA‘s angular frame is made from powder-coated steel tubing for strength and durability. A custom leatherette seat between the back wheels sits about five inches off the ground for low center of gravity and stability, and there‘s a 16-inch aluminum rim with a heavy-tread rubber tire to the front. The trike can be adjusted to accommodate rider heights from 4.5 to 6.4 ft, though the designers recommend a user weight not exceeding 180 pounds.


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