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Electronic Color Markers Spray of Adobe CS
Device/ Adobe/ Color
July 2013
Yeban Shin
South Korea


PLUMA concept is a pen that features a CMYK ink cartridge and is mixed with microfluidic technology (commonly used in medicine industry) to create a specific color that is desired. As you sketch, your drawing gets auto saved to a micro SD chip in the pen’s cap. Naturally, you hook up the cap to a computer and get editing on your design.

This is a new conceptual tool for artists. It is a small spray bottle with three colors of ink cartridges, which allows achieve by mixing  the desired color, which then can be stored on the built-in map SD. Charging a gadget is with using USB-hub.
Imagine the perfect subject for drawing, which includes a full palette of colors and a few tools of Adobe CS. Pluma – a special pen that is equipped with a cartridge and uses CMYK blending technology to create the desired shade. There are four different nib 0.3, 0.5, 3, 7 – mm size and use of micro color spray coating on large areas. Each sketch or drawing is stored in the memory handle and can be transferred to a computer.


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