Chairless Chair

If you work somewhere such as a factory, warehouse, or restaurant kitchen, then you‘ll know how
tiring it can be to stand for several hours at a time. Unfortunately, however, it isn’t always practical
or safe to carry a stool around with you wherever you go. That‘s why Swiss start-up no one has created
the Chairless Chair. Worn as an exoskeleton on the back of the legs, it lets you walk or even run
as needed, but can be locked into a supporting structure when you go into a sitting position. The
device never touches the ground, which makes it easier to wear: a belt secures it to the hips and it
has straps that wrap around the thighs. A variable damper engages and supports the body weight,
which is directed towards the heels of the shoes. These are specially designed and part of the mechanism,
but an alternate version works with any footwear and touches the ground only when in a
stationary position. The user just moves into the desired pose and then powers the device, which
currently runs for about 24 hours on a single 6V battery. While sitting down all day is so detrimental
to health that it will shorten life expectancy, standing up in order to work is also a source of problems.
Physical strain, repetitive movements and poor posture can lead to conditions called Musculoskeletal
disorders (MSDs), which are now one of the leading causes of lost workday injury and illness
Chairless Chair Chair‘s Limits

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