Nutrient Separation Systems

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Nutrient Separation Systems
Agriculture, Sustainability
Fertilizer, Clean Water, Cows, Manure
June 5th 2014
Michigan State University

The Nutrient Separation System is a new way of handling cow manure on the farmsite that is easier for the farmer, easy on the cows and easy on the land they are using. It reduces the cost and liability associated with manure management and recognizes each dairy farm is different in the way they work. The Nutrient Separation System also improves sustainability of the dairy industry.

The process separates and concentrates nutrients: (organic nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer (slurry or stackable form), concentrated nitrogen fertilizer (liquid), concentrated potassium fertilizer (liquid) and clean water) and controls odor.

The cow manure is placed into a machine and through a 4 phases in the machine you‘ll get clean water!

The four steps:

1. Pretreatment – Removes the solids (6%) and creates biogas

2. Ultrafiltration – Removes Concentrated Phosphorus (28%)

3. Air Stripper – Ammonim Sulfate (-1%)

4. Reverse Osmosis – Removes Potassium Concentrate (15%)

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