Pneumad Shelter


Pneumad Shelter
September 25 th 2014
Min I Day Architects

Pneumad is an inflatable portable shelter that was exhibited at Truck-A-tecture, a mobile design show.

Pneumad is made for a nomadic traveler but recieved a lot of interest for being possibly developing into mass disaster relief housing.

The Pneumad is perfect because it is portable and also is effortless when needed to become a shelter, just fold the Pneumad folds out from a car trailer and inflates automatically. And because the structure is inflatable it is easily stored for transport.

The trailer created is made out of steel and aluminum, the inflatable structure is out of polyethylene and rip-stop nylon. There is removable furniture and a air pump to pump up your structure while you attend to other jobs.

pneumad-0 pneumad-6 pneumad-11

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