Smart Helmet

The Smart Helmet design includes two retractable displays that sit in front of the user‘s
eyes, much like Google Glass and other AR headsets. When not needed, they slide up.
The helmet is equipped with four cameras that can cover 360-degrees around the wearer. It‘s also
equipped with a depth camera, which is crucial for knowing where to display information, and an inertial
measurement unit for keeping track of movement. DAQRI says that the screens are visible
in both bright and dim lighting situations, which will be critical if this is to be used on job sites.
Potential uses for the technology include photography, 3D mapping,
putting instructions and information overlays right in front of workers.
DAQRI says that, since the helmet is based on the Android OS, apps developed for the helmet can be used
across other platforms. Companies who purchase the helmets can also develop apps for their own use.

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