Solar Car

A team of twenty students at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands entered the Bridgestone
World Solar Challenge 2013, a six-day solar race across Australia’s Outback, in the new Michelin Cruiser
Class. Practicality was paramount for these entries, though energy use, payload capacity, and speed counted as
well. The vehicle they designed has a fl at roof, squashed teardrop shape, low profile, and mostly aluminum
and carbon fiber body to make this model light and extremely energy efficient . The unusual shape was a
compromise between aerodynamics and comfort for at least two people, as required by the cruiser class specifications. It also allowed for more surface area for solar cells, which cover 6 square meters. The 60-kw battery,
sheathed in a bright yellow casing, runs down the center of the vehicle and provides up to about 400
km of range, or 800 km when the solar panel is providing maximum juice. Stella is CO2-neutral and the first
energy-positive car in the world. The solar array charges while the car is in motion as well as when it is parked.

solar car 2 solar car