Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT)

With the idea that there is more than enough energy in high-altitude winds to power all of civilization because the winds blow stronger and steadier, the BAT is meant to harness wind energy at 2,000 feet high. The hardest part is to create technologies that can bee reliable and affordable to extract it. The creators have a vision of putting out a product that you could deploy, leave there for a year or two, pack, down, and move to a new site or a new customer. While typical wind turbines of similar scale require a alrge crew and several days to install, the BAT is ready to fly and generate power the day it arrives.

The body of the BAT is kept aloft by 1,000 cubic meters of helium. The first commercial BAT will be able to house a 30-kilawatt turbine, which could power a dozen homes. The BAT can also carry radio and cellular antennae or wireless internet gear to create or extend voice and data networks. There are three double-braided polymer tethers to prevent the airship from drifting away. The ground station helps the craft hunt for optimal wind conditions.