Green Bean is a $20 device that connects between your computer and an appliance. It is only limited by someone‘s creativity and programming skills. It allows you to enter the microcomputer inside certain GE appliances so you can build apps to control them. It has the capability of letting you control your oven temperature or notifying you through text when your dryer is done. Owning Green Bean gives people the control to reprogram and reimagine how their appliances could work.

Green Bean‘s javascript-based Software Development Kit is available on github for people who want to create apps that connect appliances to everything from computers to smartphones to tablets, etc. FirstBuild is already creating and sharing some interesting appliance modifications and developing new hardware to take advantage of it.

Green Bean creates a lot of great opportunities, for example someone can invent a self-refilling dog bowl while someone else can create something that tells you your refrigerator inventory. The possibilities are endless and Green Bean is just the beginning.

wired_view mod_your_fridge_lg