RealSense is a new technology coming out of Intel that includes 3D scanning, advanced video conferencing, augmented reality, and facial recognition technologies. Their goal is to have this on tablets by 2015 and in phones a little later. The technology allows one to 3D scan any object simply by circling it a few times with the camera pointed at the subject. A full 3D rendering of the model will show up on screen. The resulting 3D models can then be manipulated with software or sent to a 3D printer. “The idea is you go out, you see something you like and you just capture it.“

The other part of the technology is the idea of gesture control, where you can use precise hand and finger gestures to navigate. Instead of touching and tapping on the screen to navigate, you could simply move your fingers a certain way. The augmented reality component allows for blending the real world with the virtual world.

The new video conferencing technology includes removing the background so you can focus on what matters. For example, you can have a presentation in the background while the person is explaining it. You can also share content and come together in virtual locations.

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