Team Aezon is one of the 10 final design ideas chosen for the November 15 final of the Tricorder XPRIZE competition. The device must be capable of monitoring key health metrics such as blood pressure and respiratory rate, as well as be simple enough to be used unaided by the average consumer.

Team Aezon‘s design is comprised of three elements: the Arc, the Lab Box, and a smartphone app. The Arc is a light comfortable collar-like device which constantly monitors an individual. It gathers health metrics from veins running up the user‘s neck and boasts an accelerometer for tracking motion, an infrared diode to measure temperature, optical sensors to measure blood oxygen levels, and sensors designed to capture respiratory rate. Currently the device has a battery life of between 20-24 hours, but they‘re working on improving that. They believe this could really change how home care is delivered. The Arc could be used in the home, nursing homes, and elderly-care facilities.

The Lab Box is able to carry out specific tests on biological samples such as a patient‘s blood or urine. It basically does what the big labs do, but with a device that is about the size of your iPhone but 3 inches thicker.

The smartphone app collects all the vital data while also allowing the user to input any symptoms they have. Based on this data, the app can suggest a preliminary diagnosis. The app could then tell the user to carry out a more specialized test via the Lab Box, or to visit a hospital or pharmacy.

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