Mobility Transformation Facility Transportation

Made like a real life Sim City this facility will be a testing ground for new transportation technologies. This 32-acre fake city will let automakers fi gure out the future of driving and commuting without any real risks. Built in the University’s North Campus Research Complex, the Mobility Transformation Facility (MTF) simulates the broad range of complexities vehicles encounter in urban and suburban environments. It includes approximately three
lane-miles of roads with intersections, traffi c signs and signals, sidewalks, benches, simulated buildings, street lights, and obstacles such as construction barriers.
„What if the car itself could communicate itself to a toll road and pay the toll? What if the car could know when
there’s an open parking space on-street, drive to the space, park there and then pay for it? The technology is there, it just hasn’t been integrated,“ says David Cummins, managing director of parking solutions for Xerox.
„In cities today, the mid-20s to mid-30s generation have a myriad of different mobility options. They may not
know how they’re going to get from point A to point B until they get on to the sidewalk. As part of this project,
we are targeting that generation as much as the car owners,“ says Cummins.