Michael Doherty’s Bitponics claims to be your personal gardening assistant. The system it sells is a cloud-based hydroponics gardening manager.

Bitponics strives to do is automate hydroponic systems. The technology it has developed is an electronic box that has sensors attached. These sensors, or probes, go into the reservoir of your hyroponic system and monitor things like pH levels, temperature, humidity, and the data is then sent wirelessly to the cloud.

Two outlets let you plug in lights or pumps, which can be set on timers to aid growing. A web app gives you a grow plan, which notifies you by text or email when you need to add nutrients or change the water reservoir.

Hydroponics is ideal for urban environments where you don’t have a lot of space, and it can be done indoors. In addition, you do not have to wait a full season. In this digital world of sharing content and ideas, Bitponics also involves a community element. An online community of users can share growth plans, where you can share hat works and what does not work with others for particular plants in particular systems.