JPod is a new form of transportation that uses solar powered, suspended individual rail systems to transport people throughout the ciyt of Secaucus, New Jersey.  The goal of the system was to alleviate some of the pressure on the existing transportation systems in place.  The project does not require extensive demolition as it is suspended above the existing infrastructure.

JPods are individual units large enough to carry just a few people, so they all do not have to start and stop at the same time.  Unlike a standard rail system, each of these pods is individually controlled and can be sent to various parts of the network independent of the other JPods.  It is all tied together with a dual-line carriageway.

It is not yet clear as to the size and capacity of the solar capture and storage network used to power the system, and any back-up or uninterruptible power supplies that may be attached to it.

A full scale test of the system is set for construction in the upcoming months.