London-based project that aims to help keep cell phone users mobile by re-purposing the well-known red phone boxes to be used as free, solar-powered quick charging stations.  No one nowadays uses the phone boxes as most people have cell phones that they use.

Solarbox takes the old phone boxes, gives them a new paint job, and installs a 150-watt solar panel, adds some mini USBs and iPhone chargers inside and opens it up to the public.  The first 6 charging Solarboxs were opened recently with 85 people using them in a single day.

The team behind the project estimates that a user can get around a 20% charge from a 12 minute visit.  The charging stations are free to use and the revenue for the project is provided by an integrated advertising system.  While people are standing and waiting for their phones to charge, they are shown a range of short advertisements shown on a built-in screen.