A-Gro-Gro is a vertical farming system, which grows plants in 18-feet-tall A-shaped towers, each tower holding 22 to 26 tiers of growing throughs.The plants are rotated around the aluminum frame at 1mm per second, achieving a uniform distribution of the sunlight, as well as an adequate air flow and irrigation for all the plants.

The system does not uses any electricity, as the power to rotate the plants is provided by a gravity aided water-pulley system. The water is collected in a rainwater fed reservoir, and it is then recycled to feed the plants. The organic waste generated in the farm is composted an reused.

Vertical_Farming_2_skygreens_vertical_farm Vertical_Farming_VF_illustration

Source: http://permaculturenews.org/2014/07/25/vertical-farming-singapores-solution-feed-local-urban-population/