Studio Coordinators: Zoka Zola & Dorothea Schulz

Studio Participants: Rachael Frank, Maryana Heilman, Björn Ingridsson, Shannon Jones, Eung Joo Lee, Henry Mallorca, Viktor Nilsson, Franziska Parry, Christian Pereda, Faisal Syed Basalat Ali, Matthew Witham, Jae Yoo

This Studio looks at an interdisciplinary approach, at reseraching and imagining how new technologies and scientific discoveries can be brought to the urban development, resulting in a futuristic city not propelled by utopian ideas, but based on technological advancement of architecture.


This blog is meant for archival purposes and is not professionally published material. It represents unedited and ongoing research, intended for internal use by IIT Architecture Chicago. The blog is a result from the collaborative effort of studio participants, faculty, and staff.