University of Lincoln, UK

ERWIN, or Emotional Robot with Intelligence Network, is a working development from PhD students at the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom. The study‘s goal is to distinguish the human-like thought basis of robot characteristics and their affect on the human to robot relationship. In working to increase the realism in a relationship between the two, the scientists hope to be able to use the information the better understand relationships between people with autism, Asperger syndrome, or attachment disorder.

By making the robot prone to faults and imperfections, it would, in effect, create a personality and unique characteristics to the robot, giving it cognitive thought. Robots are currently being used for disaster situations, medical surgeries, and elderly and child support. In the last field of use, robots would be seemingly more effective with emotional capabilities in order to become more friendly and understand the victims emotional needs and to then practice sympathy. Through long-term use with an individual, the robot, according to the researchers, will be able to achieve that emotional relationship with the human. It will recognize the users emotions and needs and adapt throughout its life to better its owner.

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